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Donut Ride: Marine Fun Activities in Qatar

Donut ride is a very fun water activity in which one sits atop an inflatable tube that resembles a donut, towed by a speedboat or yacht. A tube represents an inflatable donut shaped object that is designed specifically to glide on water when pulled at high speeds.


People are very happy with all recreational water activities like donut rides, banana rides, jet ski, and other fun rides.We are Gallivant charters are the Best Marine Fun and recreational Activities and yacht rental services in Qatar

People feel a big excitement when they go on the donut ride. They love these short periods of outstanding enjoyment and lightness. There are peaceful times in between all the action where passengers may take in breathtaking ocean landscapes.. They feel a gentle breeze coming from the sea while still enjoying themselves – it's like having fun and staying calm at once.


As the speedboat gets faster, the donut tube jumps and moves on the water. It makes a lot of splashes making whoops of joy. It’s a less adventurous version of the banana ride. A donut-shaped inflatable boat is what you ride on. This large floating donut is safely connected to a speedboat. Once you are safely in the donut, the speedboat rushes forward giving you an awesome experience.


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