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Jet ski

It’s time to enjoy a real adventure. Tear apart the waves and dart forward like a harpoon on a jet ski. Jet skiing is the perfect adventure for you if you seek a water sport that is packed with thrill and adrenaline. Try jet skiing once and see how it changes your perspective on life.

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Fun ride

Did you search “yacht charter near me” to find us? Well, you are at the right place. Gallivant has gained recognition as the best luxury yacht cruise Pearl Qatar. Our expert crew and latest yachts are always prepared to give you the perfect fun ride.

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why yachts are so expensive

Banana Ride

Sit on a Banana shaped tube while a speed boat drags you on the calm waters of Qatar. Our unmatched safety measures let you enjoy the ride relaxed. A Banana ride is similar to jet skiing in a lot of ways. Yet, unlike a jet ski, more than two people can share a ride.

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Yacht Rental in Qatar

Donut ride

It’s a less adventurous version of a Banana ride. A donut-shaped inflatable boat is what you ride on. This large floating donut is safely connected to a speedboat. Once you are safely in the donut, the speedboat rushes forward giving you an awesome experience.

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