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Discover uncharted waters of adventure

Sea is the home of everything that is mysterious and adventurous. Since the dawn of humanity, explorers and adventurers have dared the odds to solve the riddles of the depths. Now that the age of exploration has ended, the daring adventurer inside you must find other means to satisfy your thirst for adventure. Gallivant yachts bring you exactly this. You can now enjoy adventurous yachting with no worries about your safety. Each of the yachts at Gallivant is completely fortified with the latest safety equipment to let you enjoy your holiday with no bounds. Apart from the regular yacht charters, we have fishing charters and Jet Skis. On the fishing trip, you will be accompanied by experts from our team to assure your complete safety. All the equipment required for fishing and grilling the catch onboard are provided too. Jet Ski is perfect for solo expeditions. You can ride over the waters in close vicinity of the land. Speak to us for yacht rental in Pearl Qatar.

Explore the ‘seafaring’ lifestyle

Seafaring is one of the most interesting lifestyles around the world. Practiced mostly by yachting enthusiasts. Gallivant is the perfect place in Qatar to have a glimpse at this special way of life, that only adventurers dare to live. With our safe and durable yachts, rest assured that your precious holiday is in good hands. As a seafarer, all you have to focus on is to not miss the unique experiences that can be cherished for a lifetime. Our yachts are equipped with every premium amenity to make your on-the-sea days totally comfortable. The interiors are designed to compete with the finest yachts in the world. Air conditioning, fresh water, hygienic lavatories, spacious living spaces, and much more for you to smoothly sail and enjoy the seafaring adventure. We assure you that you will return from the experience with a fresh mind and joyous heart. Call us now for the Pearl Marina yacht ride price.

Ditch hotels and stay in style!

Where would you stay when visiting Qatar? In a hotel? What do you think about staying on a yacht? Next time you visit Qatar, choose to stay in a Gallivant yacht instead of a hotel room. It’s going to be a completely different experience from what you have experienced till now. Unlike a hotel, yachts are designed to be compact and luxurious at the same time. A host of different amenities are arranged for your comfortable stay on the yacht, ranging from air-conditioned rooms to a continuous supply of fresh water. You are never going back to your regular hotel room if you stayed on a yacht instead. Call Gallivant for an outstanding yacht stay in Qatar that beats any hotel room.

Bite into freshness and exclusivity

The centerpiece of a luxurious way of life will always be a delicious meal. On board the Gallivant yachts we serve both continental and exotic cuisines. We source our ingredients from the best suppliers and our kitchen is state-of-the-art. Our expert chefs are renowned for their mastery of the culinary arts. A unique combination of all these elements gives your senses the first-class ride that it longs for. Since we started our operations, the food we serve has been an important factor that brought many of our customers for a second time. We take great care during every step of the process that brings you our delicious cooking. It’s going to be the most spectacular ride of your life with premium amenities onboard and the mouth-watering food we serve you. Make sure that you are hungry at the time of boarding! Talk to us about the best yacht holidays

Raise a toast to evergreen friendships

Good friendships are made with shared experiences, and great friendships are made with shared adventures. Gallivant is waiting to host your gang on a Neptunian adventure. Take a yacht to the far side of the ocean, leap forward like a harpoon on a jet ski, and go on a fishing trip to see who among you is the luckiest. During ancient times, men and women on ships shared a bond of friendship that let them tackle the challenges of the sea. Gallivant provides you with a glimpse into how those long-lost sailors celebrated their comradeship. Plan a weekend get-together with your close buddies, or invite some old friends to a yacht party and live the good old days once again. Building trust is the secret ingredient behind any long-lasting friendship. Each yacht in the fleet of Gallivant is designed in such a way to groups of friends to celebrate and bond together. Reach out to Gallivant for your dream yacht vacation.

Find a reason to love more

There is no love like the love of a couple alone on a yacht. You have all the private time together to explore and know each other and become a better couple. We have prepared for you everything that you need to treat your love to a surprise. A romantic dinner cruise? Or an intimate yacht holiday to find surprising new things about each other? What is it going to be? Gallivant yachts have got you covered. All that you need to do is to bring your better half on board for the party (better be a surprise!). Once on the yacht, our crew will ensure that the two of you have all the privacy you need. The smooth breeze and shiny serene sea will break the silence between you and help you initiate a deep conversation. Charter your yachts now with Gallivant for an unforgettable yacht ride

Share the days of solitude with the tranquil ocean

All of us will undergo some form of loneliness in life. It is common to be tempted to pursue more solitude when you are already lonely. Solo adventures that involve some form of luxury are the best way to break away from the negativity of solitude. Sometimes, being alone can be the best thing to happen to you. It will give you enough time to think and reflect. Provide you with enough time to set your priorities right and face the challenges of life again. Being close to a natural wonder while alone helps you achieve these. On a Gallivant yacht, all the ideal conditions for your lonely days with the ocean ready and waiting for you. You just have to make that first step and join us onboard, and let Gallivant and the sea take care of your loneliness. Choose Gallivant for an awesome yachting experience

Wipe off old age with a marine exploit

You have worked hard your whole life and built success for yourself and others around you. What now? A yacht trip is the best way to bring the spirit of youth back to your life. Our fleet features yachts that are comparable to global standards. You have options for onboard entertainment, fishing, Jet Ski, and much more. More than an adventure wrapped in plush luxury, yachting is a lifestyle altogether. Gallivant yachts give you an experience that is closest to the yachting lifestyle. We help you feel how a wayward yachting enthusiast spends his days and night in the sea. With all this and a highly motivated crew to assist you with any need of yours, proving to yourself that age is just a number will be a piece of cake. Reach out to Gallivant for an unmatched yacht vacation

Bring a difference to your family outings

Where did you go for the last family outing? If it was not a yacht trip, it’s definitely time to try it out. Your family is going to enjoy it. A yachting trip gives you the much-needed break from the regular family routines. Everyone in your family can spend time together, explore, and find new levels of bonding they have with each other. Such a family outing is going to be so interesting, that all of you will be returning home with a bond with each other stronger than before. Call us now for inquiries on a yacht vacation.